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I loving memory of a dear friend, Gary Rogers.
Sadly, Gary passed away June, 2022. Not only will he
be sorely missed, more importantly, he will always
be remembered. Wayne, Robert, Bob and Geoff

MidKar's Game Guru, Gary Rogers

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Can you guess this song and original artist?!?
As Bob Hope used to say . . . "Thanks...for the memories!"

Every week, Special Member Gary Rogers posts a new game. And he reminds us why . . .

"I think most of us have heard a song on the radio that we know, but can't remember the title or
artist who recorded it. These songs usually drive me crazy until I remember what it is and who the artist
was. I'm not trying to drive you crazy with this posting. I'm just trying to let everyone have a little fun with
it. I can't offer any prizes for properly guessing it, but you can have the distinction of being the first one
to guess it correctly. I am looking for the title of the song and who originally recorded it The song.
won't sound exactly like it was recorded, but hopefully it is close enough to be recognized."
Gary Rogers

03/13/22 . . .
Today's game will mark the last game of our 10th year! Next week, 3/20/22, we'll be starting our 11th year.

In those 10 years, we have used about 950 songs. I don't have a record of how many players have played
the game, but I would guess somewhere around 75.

Each week, a different game! Some of the games are . . .

The Extra Challenge Game . . . The Multiple Choice Game . . . The Horn Band Game
The One Hit Wonder Game . . . Old Fogy's Game . . . Whippersnapper's Game

The games are FUN! And only take a couple minutes to play. On special occasions, when
Gary needs a week off, I have the privilege of hosting the game. I get to be 2nd chair host!
So we have a game every week!

As 2nd chair host, I'd like to make a comment. Many of our members are getting up there in age!
Myself included! LOL And you know we always have the occasional memory issues. In fact, I had
an issue just a, um . . . uh, just a couple . . . . Um, I forget. But you get the point! LOL

This game is a GREAT way to keep the memory juices runnin'!

First, you listen to the MIDI(s). See if you remember the song(s). The artist(s). Hmmmm. Not sure of the
artist? Do a little research! This is a good way to keep mentally active! THEN . . .

When Gary posts the answers and game players for the week, he also includes info about the songs
and artists! So you can do a short read, and remember back when you first heard the song, or when
you first "got into" the band or artist! Sometimes this brings on a cool string of memories!

He also includes a WIKI page and a YouTube link right to the song!

Again, with the brain thang! LOL Reading and learning new stuff helps keep us sharp as we get older!
Proven Fact! So listen to, (and maybe watch) the YouTube video. While it's playing (bringing back memories!)
jump over to the WIKI page and do a quick read about the artist or band! Just take a couple minutes. And
have some fun while super charging the old cranium!

Gary posted the game on Sundays.

I post the new game MONTHLY! Posted the 1st Saturday of each month.
Players have until the following Friday to play!

Why not play along! Wayne

Sample of a Past Game