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The MidKar Group: Who We Are. Goals, Guidelines & Rules
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MidKar Tech: Who did it, how they did it, and how YOU can do it!
Special Members: Kudos! Members who have extraordinarily contributed to MidKar
Music Tutorials: Wayne's Corner
Contact: Contact Info page
Backing Tracks and TOH: About Backing Tracks
The MidKar Cafe'?: All About The Cafe'
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The MidKar "Can You Guess This Song" Game
Guess This Song: About the monthly "Guess This Song" Trivia Game
The Christmas Game: Sample game from the past!
Country Animals Game - 4/17/22: April 17th. 2022 Game

MidisMidisMidis: A page about our MIDIs.
The Main MIDI Data Base Index (5,393 MIDIs)
SIMPLE LISTS Index: Same MIDIs as in the data base, in simple LIST form! (5,393 MIDIs)
NEW MIDIs: All member posted MIDIs NOT FOUND in the data base. (3,837 MIDIs)
BIAB (Band In A Box) Files. (1,315 BIAB Files)
BIAB to MIDI COVERTED (Band In A Box) Files. (1,315 MIDI Files)
Special Member's MIDIs
Gary Roger's site (1715 MIDIs)
Les Gorven's MIDI Studio site (1980+ MIDIs)
Geoff Carter's MIDI page (205 MIDIs)
Elan Michaels' MIDI page (41 Original Native American MIDIs)
Dr. James' MIDIs & KARS
Dr. J's Main MIDI List (14,018 MIDIs)
Dr. J's Theme MIDI List (86 Themes - 1,790 MIDIs)
Dr. J's Main KAR List (8,368 KARs)
Dr. J's Theme KAR List (21 Themes - 333 KARs)
Site-wide MIDI Search Page

Timbres Of Heaven
Listen to TOH vs. the other guy! TOH Comparison
Download current TOH plus tutorials TOH DL & instruction tutorial
Coolsoft Tutorial TOH with Coolsoft tutorial
Spider Pro MIDI Player tutorial TOH with Spider Pro tutorial
HOME Page? Really! LOL
Just in case ya miss it. MidKar.com HOME Page

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