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Welcome to the MidKar MIDI Community!

You don't need to be a techie, or even want to be one to be a part of our community!
You can just come here because you love music! Love MIDI! And would like to meet some
terrific people! And maybe just to play the weekly "Guess This Song" trivial game! We just
started the 11th YEAR! Every Sunday a new game is posted. You have until the next
Friday to play, if you want to!

This is the "People Place" of our Web site. If you came to MidKar.com looking
for MIDI files, or the Timbres Of Heaven soundfont, they are located in their
own colored sections of the site to keep it easy for our many visitors.

Please go HERE for MIDIs

Or go HERE for Timbres Of Heaven.

MidKar is all about people! People helping people! We share our MIDIs, sure.
But we're a LOT more than that! We also share our skill sets, and our knowledge
with the whole community.

We do this two ways . . .

1). This Web site! There is so much here. 41,384 MIDI, KAR & BIAB files. Tutorials.
Links and info about software, soundfonts, MIDI players and editors. And much more.

2). Our groups.io discussion forum! Come here to ask questions about MIDIs, making
great sounding backing tracks. Music theory. AND . . . our Pro sequencers post new
MIDIs to the group DAILY! It takes a while to get the posted MIDIs uploaded onto the
site. And we're backlogged! But you can get HOT new MIDIS hot off the press!

Many of our Pro MIDI sequencers are life long MidKar members, and highly skilled
professional, performing musicians! We have decades of knowledge to share with you.
About editing your MIDIs. How to make them dynamic. Upgrade your so/so MIDI backing
tracks into GREAT sounding tracks! Learn the tricks. Learn the theory. Make or edit
your own backing tracks so they're EXACTLY how you want them!

Stuck figuring out a chord progression? Or how to make a chord you hear on a song,
but can't figure out how to play it? Or you heard a scale you can't figure out? Want to
use (or just understand) MODES!

When you join our community, it's like joining a musical MIDI family! If you want to
share your ideas, your MIDIs, or your skills with others who are eager to learn,
this is the place to be! If you're looking for a way to improve the sound of your
MIDI files, and/or make better sounding backing tracks for your live performances,
MidKar is the place to be!

MidKar members can also request a MIDI from the group.
If we don't have it, we'll usually make one for you.

If you just want a warm, family friendly place to chill or hang out . . . Would you like
to meet a great group of great people who like to share? Would you like to be a
part of our community?

How many reasons do you need to join our discussion group? I just gave you
a couple dozen!

Please accept my personal invitation to join our group right now. It only takes a
couple minutes. Join The MidKar Group

Wayne (Reed) Knazek, MidKar Group Owners & Mod Team Member. MidKar.com site owner

So . . . What is MidKar about?

About MidKar
MidKar: Who We Are. Goals, Guidelines & Rules
Gary Rogers' GAME! 10 Years And Still Going Strong!
About the weekly "Guess This Song" Trivia Game
Special Features: Our sequencers, Tutorials, Audio/Video Software, Media Converters, Articles, Theory, etc.
Who did it, how they did it, and how YOU can do it!
Special Members: Who they are, what they do, links to their MIDIs, etc.
Members who have extraordinarily contributed to MidKar
About Backing Tracks and Timbres Of Heaven
About Backing Tracks
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MidKar Member's Directory
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MidKar is an incredible MIDI Music Community.
Why not join MidKar today? We'd be glad to welcome you!

* Please note: There are two references made about Pro MIDIs on the site.
To eliminate possible confusion: MIDIs that have been sequenced by professionals,
employed by a company, with the intent to sell the MIDI files cannot be posted to the
forum. MidKar members who professionally sequence MIDI files, and share them with
the group is a different situation. All posted MIDIs must contain sequencer information.

You cannot post Pro MIDIs unless you are the Pro who sequenced the MIDI.