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MIDIS . . .

MORE MIDIS . . . and


There are 4 locations with MIDI Files on our site. 5 locations if you
include our 1,315 band In A Box (BIAB) files and 23 User Styles!

"Why 5 locations?" you ask.

MidKar started in 2004. The site went up in 2009. The original format was Table,
which became too time consuming to maintain as we were getting MANY MIDIS
posted to our MidKar forum/user group daiy. We simply didn't have the resources
(as in, time!) to be able to continue using the Table format. We had to go with a
standard List format like most other sites. Then . . . .

We had members join who started contributing their personal collections, and
the MIDIs they were sequencing. Therefore, another section was added.

The format for adding MIDIs to the site changed in 2014.

The search tool on the site searches ALL of MidKar. The 4 sections are . . .

MidKar MIDI Data Base (Posted to the site 2009 / 2014)
NEW MIDIs and Special Member MIDIs

The Main MIDI Data Base (5,393 MIDIs)
MIDI Data Base (same MIDIs in list format - 5,393 MIDIs)
New MIDIs (Alphabetic, not categorized - 3,837 MIDIs)
Special Members Pages (28,292 MIDIs)
Site-wide MIDI Search Page
BIAB Files and 23 User Styles (1,315 BIAB Files)
1,315 "BIAB to MIDI" Files (Converted from BIAB to MIDI

Files on this site are intended for private use only by members of the MidKar Group!
If your work appears here against your wishes, please contact maintenance.