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Wayne's Corner
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So, is MidKar really free?
Yes, to it's members, there are no fees. However, to the Group
Owners and Mods, it is NOT so free! The cost of keeping our
Groups.io forum is $220 per year. And it's approaching $200
a year to maintain the Web site.

This is your group. If you would like to help out, if you'd like
to make a donation to help the 2 people currently covering
all of the expenses to keep MidKar afloat, please drop in
to the Member's Directory page, and scroll to the bottom
of the page to the PayPal Donation Link.

Please only consider donating if you are able. But even
a small donation of $1 or $2, if enough members donate,
will cover the annual fees.

Thanks to all who decide to make a donation.

Wayne, Gary, Robert, Bob and Geoff, MidKar Owners/
Mods Team

1,315 BIAB Files now on site!

COMING SOON! Listen to MidKar members at The MidKar Cafe'!
Their gigs, jams or studio recordings!

Do you want yours on the Cafe' pages? Let me know!

Check out the new Site Map!

Just added! Elan Michaels' Native American MIDIs!

Elan's MidKar MIDI Page

Just added! MidKar FAQ Page and Contact Page!

MidKar FAQ Page

Midkar Contact Info Page

COME JOIN US at The MidKar Cafe'!!!

Come sit around the table and discus with other MidKar
members things of interest to you, other than MIDI or music.


SHARE YOUR MUSIC! Create and stream MIDI-based music
online, World Wide, LIVE! Have an on-line gig! Teach a student
or class! HAVE A PARTY! Connect your MIDI instrument to
your PC and JAM with other MidKar members on line!

MidKar Mugs! How about a beer mug, wine glass,
coffee cup or glass with the MidKar Logo etched in!
(Profits will help pay for annual site and Groups.io fees)

More SOON!

MidKar is an incredible MIDI Music Community.
Join MidKar today? We'd be glad to welcome you!

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