Alex (Alexei) Ustinov: Director of MIDI Technology


WELCOME to my Studio at the MIDI Studio Consortium!  I have been playing keyboards and guitar since 1969 (age 14), and in 1978 constructed my first synthesizer.  I have been actively involved in MIDI science and research since that time as Chief Manager NTONYX Computer Laboratory, and also lecture in this field at the Novosibirsk State Conservatory where I am an Assistant Professor.

NTONYX is a  Strategic Partner of Twelve Tone Systems and produces Style Enhancer Micro 1.2 (SEM 1.2) and Style Enhancer Micro 1.28 (SEM 1.28) 
MIDI Plug-Ins for Cakewalk Pro Audio sequencing software. 

SEM is based on Performance Modeling technology. With the help of special rules SEM1.2(8) analyzes MIDI-sequences, inserts into them and changes controller commands such as Velocity, Volume, Pitch Wheel, Expression and others. The result of the transformation is either simulation of a live musician playing a real instrument, or attaining a new unreal, but very interesting from a musical point of view, character to the performance.

On my Midi page  you will  find some really unusual midi songs. They all have one very important trait in common - all of them have been transformed by  Style Enhancer Micro (SEM).

There has been no manual adjustment of Velocity, Pitch or Modulation curves, and no use of Wheels or Joystick. It was the  artificial mind of the new NTONYX software that thought over “what” and “how” it should be played. Some specialists maintain that such vivacity, mobility and thin nuances of all parameters of sounds are impossible to attain while working with Wheels, Joystick, Breath or Wind controllers. On the other hand, drawing similar curves with mouse is hellish work. But Style Enhancer is able to calculate all performance parameters of a song faster than a musician can perform it!
    I won’t waste any more words here trying to describe the effect - just listen to the midi songs and I’m sure you will agree with me.  So welcome to the new midi-technology, which my friend David Baron from Accent Software International calls the “Next revolution in electronic music”. Probably he is right.

Alexei Ustinov


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