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July 28, 1998
Toronto, Canada 

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I welcome you to my home on the 'net, the MIDI Studio Consortium.

The concept of a Consortium of MIDI talents from around the globe was born in October of 1997, after having experimented with a small home page, MidiWorks.Ca. It took two months of work before being in a position to open the doors on December 10th, 1997.  Since that time I have continuously added to the site with new talent, new features and new midi files. The MIDI Studio is now made up of over 1450 html documents and consumes over 250 MB of space on the SimpleNet Server, located in California. 

All that remains of my original home page is a link to this site, and the background image used on this page.
Our mandate is the promotion of MIDI on the Internet, and to provide a family oriented source of entertainment and information that is all MIDI related.
MIDI files have been freely contributed by our many Directors, Studio Participants and Guests. That, together with many suggestions, help with documentation and recruiting of talent by my good friend Mike Welch (my first cyber-pal, and the Consortium's Legal Counsel), has made this goal a reality. 
Your comments and/or suggestions are truly appreciated.

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